Where is the best place to post ads for my business on Social Media?

Advertising and Marketing on Social Media

That answer depends on who is your target market and what demographic would you like to reach.

We think we may know where people spent their time online but the numbers show the facts. News happens every day and all the time. In addition to social media, It may be worthwhile to consider news sources as another good place to market your business. Here is a chart by Pew Research that lists the profiles of consumers by gender, age, education, and race of where people get their news on social media.

To my surprise, I see that Reddit stands out with 72% Male vs 28% ages 18-29, college educated and white. In contrast, Females can be found in quantity on Snapchat, ages 18-29 with some college education, and non-white. So by studying statistics, a business can make better decisions on where to put their time, energy and budget. That is where marketing and advertising efforts should be spent to let the world and in particular the customers they wish to attract know all about their products and services.

Personally, I use Twitter first and Facebook second because I can see posts from people on the ground where things may be happening in real time. Most times, information shows up on Twitter way before it shows up on the news sites. I later turn to news websites for a more detailed followup to what I experienced on social media.

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