Presentation and Packaging

Brownie on a plate

Who likes brownies?

Many people do. Say you make a batch of delicious brownies and decide to serve the same brownie in 3 different ways. A Cornell University study did. They served one on a paper napkin, one on a paper plate, and a third on a plate of fine china. By far the people that were served the brownie on the china plate thought the brownie tasted superior to the other “exact same” brownies. Proving that presentation is important. The same test also proved that the subjects were willing to pay more for the same brownie based on presentation. Now in business, the goal is to sell a quality product and exchange make a profit for your company.

This is the reason why branding and presentation are important elements in the marketing of your product and service. The first-time potential buyers of your product will be intrigued by the packaging. If you attract them, they may be curious enough to purchase your product. Once purchased the product must deliver on the goodness you promised. If the customer is pleased, when they return again, they should easily recognize your product by the quality branding that you have incorporated into the business of selling your brownies.

WurkHub has a team of talented graphic artists along with the strategy needed to bring your product to life.

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