Your name in lights with a digital menu board

Your name in lights with a digital menu board for your restaurant or business.

Promote your products and services at your location in an eye-catching way.

Let us put your menu of products or services “in lights” with a digital menu board.

Once customers are in your establishment, whether it be retail or a food and beverage location, the best way for a customer to be more self-serviced is to put up a easy-to-read menu of options. Having a backlit list of selections will help alleviate the same questions like, “How large are your storage units?”, or “How much per month?”, or “Does your Friday Fish Fry include coleslaw?”.

Digital menus or information boards can be static or animated. If you have a captive audience, static boards work well. If you need to capture someone’s attention, go for an animated board.

Digital boards can be updated manually, or for a small subscription fee and the right USB, WurkHub can update changes remotely from a dashboard, which saves the time it takes to do an onsite update.

How much, you ask? Well, it depends on how much time it takes. The more information you have ready and prepared, and the fewer changes we need to make, will speed the process along. Our custom digital boards start at $1000, which does not include equipment like TV and hardware.

Below is a recent example of static menu boards that WurkHub created for Panos Fresh Market on Sunset Drive in Waukesha. Notice the relevant information, like names, pricing, and descriptions, along with appetizing photographs of the selections. When you stop in, you want to make sure to try out the juice bar and the great selection of Mexican dishes. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this restaurant will leave you wanting to return for more. And you can get your grocery shopping completed after you’re done eating! It’s all spelled out for you on these attractive digital menu boards.

If you would like to WOW your customers, let us design your next digital menu, and also inquire about regular and take-out paper menus, to cover all your bases.

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