Animation and Motion Graphics


Animation, Motion Graphics, and Cinemagraphs are an exciting and fun way to enhance your Website, Digital Ads, and Social Media posts. People are drawn to “pictures that move”, which creates interest and keeps your potential clients focused where you want them. If, for example, a video loop is interesting, a customer may watch and re-watch it several times. If it’s memorable enough, it might even be shared on Social Media, becoming viral. This impresses the animation into their conscious mind, and keeps your company memorable. By adding Motion Graphics to your Website, it will keep your visitor on the page longer, increasing your ranking on Search Engines, such as Google or Biing. 

Animation and Cinemagraphs can be drawn pictures or designs, live-action filmed loops (with sound or without), or video montages of still pictures. It all depends on the impression you want to impart and message your want promoted.

WurkHub has both a Graphic Designer and a Video Producer to cover whatever idea you may have for your animation piece. It may seem like it’s an extremely complicated addition to your Website or Ad, but our team is experienced in putting motion to your vision.

See the animations below as just a few samples of what WurkHub has done for our clients.

Website animations are a friendly way to attract customer’s attention, We are experts in developing animations using HTML 5, which is user-friendly for all devices.

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