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WurkHub is located in downtown Waukesha a few blocks west of the 5 Points on Main Street, right next door to Mainstream Pub and Grill  an establishment that has delicious flame-grilled build-your-own pub burgers, lots of tap, bottle, and canned beer, great music acts, and delectable Deep Fried Calamari. The City of Waukesha has much to offer during all four seasons, in all kinds of weather, and for every holiday, so check our calendar for local events. We are a Community Partner and would like to get to know you as part of our network. Bring us your questions and we just may have an answer for you! Stop in to visit us anytime, and bring treats if you like, we won’t mind a bit. We have a cozy couch and maybe an available desk to use, if you feel like hanging out for a while. You can call or contact us, too, 16/7 (we have to sleep sometime!). 

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