How can I remove food menus from Google Maps or Google My Business?

How can I remove wrong information online?

Many times a business may have misinformation online that is in need of changes like maps, menus, duplicate or out of date information for their company or from a previous company. It can be frustrating to change or remove incorrect information on the web.

“How can I remove food menus from Google Maps or Google My Business?”

This week one of our clients had a food menu that showed up on their Google My Business account that was 5 years old! It was causing problems when patrons came in and wanted those prices. Of course, the restaurant honored them, however, the fuss and the apologies were getting old and as hard as they tried the owner could not remove or edit this online menu. WurkHub was asked to help, so we investigated and nowhere in the business listing could this menu be found. We checked all the options and the links, but nothing was showing up.

Finally, we followed a link (which only showed up in mobile search) and come to find that a third party had scraped information from an old menu. That information was placed on the third-party website with a link to generate more traffic for that platform. Pretty sneaky stuff.

We now were able to remove the link from the listing via mobile only. And now we have a happy customer and have alleviated future instances of old pricing scenarios. This is why it is so important for businesses to “claim” their business listing on Google, fill them out completely, optimize the listing and check it periodically.

This is not the first time we saw a Hi-jacked listing. Last year a large hotel was under complete renovation so no one was around for a year to answer the phone. The listing was claimed by a promotion company in the Philippines and when you called the number it routed you to an “all-expense paid trip” somewhere in the Caribbean. Sure!

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