Calling All Chefs!

5 Points Waukesha

5Joints @ 5Points Is Coming To Waukesha

There is an exciting new restaurant concept coming to the 5 Points area in downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin this autumn from World Hospitality Companies, a Williams-Howard Company Venture (WHCV), headed by Undraye Howard and Chef Terence Williams.

Located at 257 W. Broadway, the new 5Joints @ 5Points will take over the entire 10,000 sq.ft. space, as well as 6,000 sq. ft. of space above the restaurant. It will consist of a restaurant, separate offices for each chef, conference room, classroom, and a teaching kitchen.
5Joints @ 5Points will boast a large, state-of-the-art kitchen with 5 separate stations for each chef. The concept is for each chef to specialize in a type of food, so customers will have a variety of cuisine to choose from. The restaurant will function as a type of co-op, where the chefs each have their own business and office space, but under the umbrella of 5Joints @ 5Points.

“Calling All Chefs!”
“We are, at present, searching for 5 chefs to come to 5Joints @ 5Points.”, said Williams. “We want to build a community and give a chef the chance I never had when I was growing up. We are looking for chefs with drive and passion, who want to have their own restaurant, and we are willing to invest up to 75% of costs over a 5-year period.”, he continued. “We are planning to open in mid-September, so CALLING ALL CHEFS!”, he laughed.

5Joints @ 5Points is looking for chefs ranging in specialties from Vegan/Vegetarian to confectionary/bakery, to Tex-Mex and everything in between.

“We really love the Waukesha community, and we love helping out any way we can.”, said Williams. To that end, they are planning on working with a local church and other area restaurants to establish a program called God’s Table, where families in need can get vouchers for meals. “We want to give people a chance to eat at a restaurant, and with vouchers and our cooperative partners in the program, it will be possible.” God’s Table and 5Joints @ 5Points are just two of the ideas that WHCV has to connect with the Waukesha community.

Williams also owns the BBQ truck “Tex-a-Consin”, which has been spotted all around Wisconsin at events as diverse as a Harley-Davidson event in Eagle, WI to Military Fest in Kettle Moraine Park. Hailing originally from Texas, BBQ is a particular love of Chef Williams. 5Joints @ 5Points will feature his Texas-style BBQ, as well.

For inquiries, contact Terence Williams at