Take your brand off the shelf, and put it into the hands of the consumer…

On the Rocks, or with a Twist

How often have you sat at a bar and wondered… “What do I want to drink”?

The bartenders say, “What can I get you”? Rarely do they suggest a drink, and almost never would they promote your brand directly to a consumer. Be in control of your branded message at the point where your product is being sold. WurkHub can be your front line, always promoting your brand and profits from open to close.

The cost of advertising can be an overwhelming part of your yearly budget. When you place an ad in a magazine or wrap a truck, even if your targeted audience sees your campaign, they normally are not able to purchase where they come into contact with your message. With WurkAdz, your brand can be advertised right where your product is sold. Take the next step to increase sales and brand awareness.  Call WurkHub for a presentation and quote. 262-893-9539


A Sweet Challenge – Your Project

Just imagine how your products will look on the big screen. Digital Adz will be trending soon. Be ahead of the curve. Horizontal or vertical, WurkHub can promote the products that you are passionate about or need to post a profit. Subliminal advertizing is suggestive advertising that works.

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